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P4 game handle wireless Bluetooth game handle for PS4 / PS3 host – touch panel + built-in color LED + built-in speaker + headset jack + 6-axis motion sensing + with programming key

Short Description:

1. Wireless Distance: About 8 meters

2. Input voltage: DC5.0V

3. Lithium battery capacity: 600MAH

4. Lithium battery weight: 14g

5. Working voltage: 3.6-4.2V

6. Working current: 20-80 mA

7. Vibration current: 80-140 mA

Product Detail

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Product introduction

1. This handle is mainly compatible with P4 game console. Also compatible with P3 host

2. Adopt high-performance wireless connection technology to provide reliable signal without delay and without dropping line within 8 meters, with strong anti-interference and will not be affected by other wireless devices. Drive free, automatic connection, no need for complex code matching process.

3. Built in rechargeable lithium battery, the handle has the function of charging display lamp and low voltage display lamp.

4. Built in LED color light, the handle has the function of color LED light bar to indicate the player’s handle channel, and different handles are indicated by different color LEDs.

5. Built in left and right asymmetrical motor, supporting double motor and double vibration function.

6. The handle supports touch panel and panel key functions.

7. Built in 3D acceleration sensor and G gyroscope sensor, with six axis dynamic sensing function.

8. The speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack are configured to output the audio signal of the game through the speaker and headphone of the handle.

9. This handle can be connected to the computer through the upgrade software.

10. When the handle is in no action operation, it will enter the sleep state for about 5 minutes, and the handle indicator light will be off.

二、 Key function description

1. Small house key: short press the small house key: display the main screen, switch to the application in startup; long press this key: end the application, log out / shut down the host

Power supply, display the operable items according to the current situation.

2.,,,: four function buttons to control the action of characters in the game.

3. Direction key: the direction option in the game, select up, down, left and right

4. Left and right 3D rockers: control the movement of characters or the direction control of the whole game picture in the game.

5. “Share” key and “options” key: when connecting to P4 host, they are share and option keys respectively. The “share” key corresponds to the “select” key, and the “options” key corresponds to the “start” key.

Note: according to the different games, the function of each key in the game will be different. The actual operation in the game shall prevail.

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