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wii controller

The Wii host adopts a new style of operation. The transition from the traditional 2D operation to the 3D operation makes the operation of the game more diversified, and it also supports GameCube style handle operation. The handle has diversified functions, and can also be used as a golf club, racing steering wheel, etc. in the game.

xbox handle

The XBOX360 handle supports vibration, and the operation is optimized. The default operation of the game is generally very smooth, and most of them do not need to be set. In terms of workmanship, design, operating feel, and durability, among the handles available for PCs, this one is first-class and can be said to be the best PC game handle.

PS3 gamepad

The PlayStation Move platform uses the PlayStation Eye camera to capture the movement of the handle, plus the built-in three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, and geomagnetic field sensor. The color of the ball on the head of the handle can be changed to achieve operations such as special spells. The built-in microphone supports voice chat and even voice control.

What are the classification and introduction of gamepads

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