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It will take you a little time to connect the controller to your host. You can use the following three steps to operate.

Connect via handle

1. Turn on the XBOX ONE host

2. Put two AA batteries in the handle

3. Press and hold the XBOX button until your controller is turned on, the XBOX button will flash, which shows that your controller is not connected to the host. If the XBOX button keeps flashing, it means that your controller has been connected to the host.

Note: If the handle is not open, please check the battery. If using a rechargeable battery, make sure it is fully charged.

4. Press the connect button on the XBOX ONE host

5.Press the wireless connection button on the handle. At this time, the XBOX button on the handle will flash quickly for a period of time, which indicates that the handle is searching for a matching host. The XBOX button will continue to flash when it is connected to Chen Gong.

Pair the XBOX One controller with the console

Post time: Sep-10-2021