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A good handle should be ergonomically designed, comfortable in the hand, moderate in weight, suitable for long-term use, and it can maintain a stable grip even if the hands are sweaty.

The game handle with good operating performance adopts ergonomic design, the rounded grips on both sides fit the palm, and the grip feels comfortable. The surface adopts a large area of ​​non-slip soft rubber, which has the function of non-slip and sweat-proof while improving the feel. Trouble with sweaty palms. I am also an in-depth gamer. I have come into contact with different gamepads and used a variety of gamepads. This is a blade gamepad I bought from the Internet some time ago. It feels very good to use. It is suitable for novice players to experience. .

Novice gamers need to pay attention to when buying gamepads!


The quality of the handle buttons mainly depends on the comfort and resilience of the buttons. A good button has fast response and strong resilience. The button layout should also be reasonable, no matter what size hand type it is, it is easy to operate.

The joystick is also an important part of choosing a handle. The sensitivity of the joystick is directly related to the quality of the player’s operation. A good joystick can be rotated 360° without dead angles, the steering is sensitive, and the direction is accurately controlled, and there is no deviation from where to hit.

There are many types of cross keys, cross-shaped, separated, U-shaped and so on. It mainly depends on what type of game you like to play. If it is a live game that requires higher opposition, choose the cross-shaped arrow key. It is better. If it is a fighting or racing game, you can choose the U-shaped cross key.

The handle rocker is symmetrical, the concave design can fit the finger very well, the control is quite smooth and the sensitivity is also very good.

The buttons feel good, with strong resilience and rich functions. The selection button, the start button, the Turbo button and the clear button are all available, and the layout is reasonable, without the feeling of crowding.


If you are a hardcore player with both mobile and mobile games, and occasionally want to play with friends on a large TV screen, it is strongly recommended to choose a gamepad compatible with multiple platforms.

In terms of compatibility, this game controller is already a more versatile controller. It supports Android phones, Apple phones, computers, TVs and even PS3. The connection method is also very simple. The phone can be connected directly with Bluetooth, and computers and smart TVs can be used. Bluetooth or 2.4G receiver connection is more convenient and convenient.

Post time: Jun-16-2021