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1. Perfect compatibility: Designed for Nintendo Switch-an ideal replacement for Switch Joycon; the same set of original Joy-con buttons; each hand can be used independently or connected to the console to use in handheld mode; scratch-resistant and non-slip durable ABS material. Ergonomically comfortable Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy Pads.

2. Innovative high-precision control design: Each controller has a full set of buttons, which can be used as an independent controller, and each controller contains an accelerometer and gyroscope sensor, making it possible to independently control left and right movements. Aim and shoot precisely.

3. Humanized and fast matching: The multi-function controller provides players with a variety of new and surprising ways to play. Bluetooth wireless/wired connection, stable signal; automatic reconnection; rechargeable battery life is about 10 hours, 20 hours when playing games without vibration; charging through the console or mirco usb.

4. Please note:

 (1) This is an ideal substitute for 3rd Party Joy-con;

 (2) No NFC (amiibo) or IR Motion;

 (3) Not suitable for shell or handle;

 (4) When Nintendo updates the console, it needs to connect to the PC to update the handle

Left and right NEON JOYCON pad controller with wrist strap


· Easy to use and very easy to pair.

· Ergonomic and comfortable Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy Pads

· Share with friends and enjoy the action of two people in supported games.

· Each controller has a complete set of buttons, which can be used as an independent controller.

· Bend to fit your hands better and compatible with Nintendo Switch as a replacement for Joy Cons.

·Dual vibration and motion control make the game more immersive. Whether you are playing vertically or horizontally, these are still competent.

Post time: Dec-03-2021