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Today, I will bring you how to set up the Win7 game controller and how to do the Win7 game controller settings, so that you can easily solve the problem.

To play some games in the Win7 system, you need to install a handle or a controller to play. Some handles need to be set up before playing, but some friends don’t know where the handle is set in the Win7 system. The editor below will introduce Win7. Game controller setting method.

Specific steps are as follows:

1. Click the start menu of the win7 system, and then click the control panel;

2. Click Hardware and Sound in the pop-up control panel;

3. Then click on devices and printers;

4. Right-click the USB device name;

5. Click on the game controller;

6. Click on the properties to enter and you can set the game controller.

As for the details of the gamepad settings, you need to set it up according to your needs.

The above is the tutorial on how to set up the Win7 game controller and how to set up the Win7 game controller. I hope this article can help you solve the problem.

How to set up Win7 game controller

Post time: Sep-03-2021