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Proceed as follows:

1. How to find gamepad:

1) After plugging the USB port of the gamepad to the computer, the computer will prompt that a new USB device is connected. After the prompt disappears, we click on the [Start] menu and select [Devices and Printers].

2)After opening [Devices and Printers], you can see all the connected devices on the computer. You can find a game controller icon in the [Device] column. This is the handle we just connected. 

2. How to test the function of the gamepad:

1)Use the mouse to select the game controller icon, press the right mouse button, and select the [Game Controller Settings] function in the right-click menu.

2)Click the [Properties] button in the lower right corner of the [Game Controller] setting interface.

3)Under the [Test] tab, we can test whether the buttons of the handle work normally. First, you can rotate and press the left rudder and direction buttons in the handle to see if the cross cursor above the “X-axis/Y-axis” moves normally. Finally, the cross cursor should be displayed in the center.

4)Then we can test whether the right rudder in the handle works normally. During the test, the dot of the function pair triggered by the button will flash in red. It is similar when testing other buttons, so I won’t go into details here.

3. How to calibrate the gamepad:

1) If you find that the gamepad is not working properly in the above test link, you can select the [calibration] button function in the [Settings] tab to calibrate the gamepad.

2) After entering the “Equipment Calibration Wizard”, click [Next] in turn according to the prompts.

3)In the [calibration axis] interface, rotate the left rudder of the handle a few times to reposition the center point. This process calibrates the “X-axis/Y-axis” of the gamepad.

4)Now enter the Z-axis calibration program.

5)First, move the Z axis up and down, that is, move the right rudder on the handle to calibrate.

6) Then, rotate and calibrate the Z axis.

7) After the Z-axis calibration is completed, it will automatically jump to the following interface. After clicking the [Finish] button, the handle can be used normally.

Post time: Aug-18-2021