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Method of operation

1. First connect the game handle to the computer through the USB interface.


2. Then the computer will prompt that a new USB device is connected. Click the “Start” menu and select “Devices and Printers”.


3. In the opened window, you can see all the devices connected to the computer, click the gamepad icon.


4. Right-click and select “Game Controller Settings”.


5. In the “Game Controller Settings” window, click the “Properties” button in the lower right corner.


6. Enter the control and drive interface of the handle, and then you can debug your own handle, and you can test whether the buttons of the handle work normally.


7. If you find that the gamepad is not working properly, you can click on the properties and select “Calibrate” to calibrate the gamepad.


8. Click Next in the pop-up “Device Calibration Wizard” window.


9. In the “calibration axis” interface, follow the prompts to rotate the left rudder of the handle a few times to reposition the center point. Calibrate the “X-axis/Y-axis” of the gamepad.


10. Then move the Z axis up and down, and then press the button on the controller.

11. Finally, click Finish on the jumped page.

How to set up a computer game controller

Post time: Aug-28-2021