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Choose the handle that suits you.

If you are a gamer, you may have a better understanding of common large items such as graphics cards, CPUs and motherboards, but many of them are not particularly familiar with controllers. In fact, there are a lot of things to pay attention to.

If you really want to play the game comfortably, a handle is necessary, because it does not require a person’s posture, so you can play against the backrest, play lying down, and play on your stomach.

At present, there are about three kinds of handles commonly used in the market.

How to choose a gamepad that suits you

Both DS4 and Xbox controllers can use Bluetooth to connect, and the Steam controller comes with a receiver.

First of all, we must understand that among these three controllers, the only one that does not need to be set up can be used. Most manufacturers support the Xbox controller. If you are a person who doesnt like tossing, then the Xbox controller is the best choice. , But because Xbox controllers do not have hardware such as touchpads and gyroscopes, it is almost impossible to play games that do not support controllers, such as “Civilization” and “StarCraft”. Even in FPS games that support controllers, you can’t feel comfortable. Lying on the sofa will fight against keyboard and mouse players, unless you have thousands of hours of experience using the controller.

After mapping, the DS4 and Steam controllers will map their own buttons to a virtual Xbox controller. After the mapping is completed, the DS4 controller still has more left and right touchpads and gyroscopes, while the STEAM controller has one more The gyroscope, the reason why it can play back and forth with the keyboard and mouse players, is due to the gyroscope.

I said that the Xbox controller can hardly play games that do not support the controller. Since almost the word is used, that is to say, it can still be played. Yes, Steam can actually map the Xbox controller, but because there is no touchpad and spinning top Yi, when playing “Civilization”, only the joystick can be mapped to the mouse, which is not very convenient.

Steam, the controller settings of each game are saved separately, so dont worry, you have to reset it after you play other games that require mouse operation, such as “Civilization”, “The Sims”, and “Diablo 3″. This is Not used.

Post time: May-25-2021