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However, the louder button sound is the Beitong Zeus handle. This is mainly due to the use of mechanical buttons, especially when the micro switch, the pot slice, and the light touch switch will make a crisp component sound. The principle is similar to that of a mechanical keyboard. If you are sensitive to the sound of the keys, you need to pay attention. This is why the Beitong Zeus handle is the heavier among the four handles, but which one is better, the answer is very obvious.

In addition to providing standard controllers, many game console manufacturers will also launch higher-end versions of controllers in the future. These controllers may be able to use software to implement custom adjustments, just because these are all market needs.

Among them, xbox has such a handle, which has certain custom functions, but the price is thousands of yuan! It is a pity that Sony and Nintendo did not introduce such a controller.

According to the above four controllers, it is that Beitong Zeus has the extended functions that players are yearning for. It can be “do whatever you want” through the software, such as vibration, lighting, joystick, basic buttons, back buttons, etc., all can be customized, and even “on-hook” bursts and macros can be carefully set.

Perhaps settings such as bursts and macros are more suitable for players who are not confident about their operations. Really advanced players will use their skilled operations to achieve more “impossibility”. Of course, these advanced players need more detailed operation details, especially in the joystick. The dead zone and curve of the joystick require unique customization, and Beitong Zeus can satisfy these advanced players. demand.

More user-friendly is that the software provides as many as 4 sets of personal configurations, 4 sets of configurations are kept in the handle, and can also be quickly switched at any time. The real master needs to realize the operation for different games and different scenes. Fine-tuning, this is the truth of “the details are doomed”.

The advantages of mid-to-high-end gamepads

Post time: May-19-2021